Shop Gate Direction. Fengshui can tell of your business event in 2009

(Magazine article to channel avocation April 2552 Issue - Thailand)

In year 2009, you are concerned about economic stagnation, Results from a bunch of America. In addition to the delay caused by investment. Also fear that decisions will be expanded with additional investment.

For this, I will shortly assume the stores or Buildings to turn into direction. That affect the annual fengshui. This will enable your business to find events? And careful to prevent it in the events that were not good. Because the gate of the shop or building entrance as the most important issue that can affect people in organizations. Or building owners. If power is good. Will result in organizations that encourage people to think of a better way and the right tempo and with a chance . If turned in a bad direction. Will affect thinking, ill and could lead to the decline of the organization by the year 2552 will affect the direction of the entrance door of the building to turn in direction the following:

1. Gate to Turn north.

This year will see the headache story. Many without the hope. Non-profit endeavor. Success is like closing the sale. But it must have frustrated and about to resolve the issue. Financial is unexpected expenses. Savings that had to pull out of a caulk problem. Customers will lead to many problems with various, Try to find a bell wind pipe 6 may be the entrance gate will reduce the problem?

2. Gate to Turn north east.

This year will see story of the game. Scramble to benefit . Gossip within the office. Story or dissatisfaction within the unit due to a mouth. Word or words. New initiative that will displease. Employees in the company were particularly restive sultry speak easy dissident , Decorated with bright red near the entrance door. To reduce the problem.

3. Gate to Turn east

This year 2009, competitors met you at ungodly enemies. Forward power struggle. Forward and conflict throughout the year. Beware of contract documents. Lawsuit will cause problems this year. Be careful there is a problem with the government. Disturbance to the people. Aware of the damage from stolen. Or deceptive face. Employees not in unity. The struggle within benefits.  Find a major art form basin water bills. Backwater basin or lotus paste it to the gate area, he has helped.

4. Gate to Turn southeast.

This year you will be lucky. With new business opportunities will come often to finance. Even with the economy problem, but often Surprise What to successfully finish the oft , considered this year is best direction of the year. Therefore, buildings or shops facing this direction. If knowledge of the primary motivating lucky fortune can make business glory of this year 2009, Water-Springs can stimulate luck.

5. Gate to Turn south

Your business in this year. If relevant to study the training of creative new idea Or Beauty business.  This year has been lucky for you. or This agency in your work this year will work as well. What impact capture is taken to be good. Organizations to build a reputation. Employees of a loving unity. Is unity within

6. Gate to Turn southwest.

If businesses are looking for new opportunities or from adults who have left the power forward slot. This year is right time. A forward support Help, If there is a backlog of cases from last year. This year try to revive the case. To advise adults may be good news. If the Government worked this year may be considered graduated. Or the Government of outstanding advances.

7. Gate to Turn west.

Be careful this year, employees in the workplace unlucky for healthly. Must keep a strong health care. It will affect the work of employees this year. To inactivity Shiftless old. Doing it without the quality. Affect the sales forecast. The company’s profit or loss deterioration. See your business this year stagnation. Try to find a calabash hanging on to reduce employee injury.

8. Gate to Turn north west.

This year will be new opportunities. Have the opportunity to expand its store growth to travel or working more than ever. Changed into something new organization better. To initiate new things often. Requires very special skills strategy. The competition and must adapt to new things. Receive business opportunities from the oversea.  With foreign partners. This dirction is a good secondary southeast. If you know the principles retrieves the good fortune to energy use. Will make your business better, more progress this year.

And for these events. Is very evident in the 7 July - 7 August 2552 in turn shops direction cautioned were particularly bad this month.

The result is just an overview of year 2009, but “Good in a Bad. and Bad In a good “even in the picture are not included. Some months into the star good direction. Will help better result?  If you consult savant fengshui should be learning the tailor shop to get energy into your store entrance. Will help reduce problems. And to enhance good fengshui and more impact.

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